Teen pushed from bridge, falls 60 feet into water


YACOLT, Wash. (WTHR) — Jordan Holgerson, 16, was standing on a bridge's edge when her friend shoved her off the ledge.

“I could’ve died,” Holgerson said to KING5.

On Tuesday, Holgerson and her friends climbed up to a bridge suspended several stories over the Lewis River.

Holgerson had planned to jumped, but backed out at the last second, KING5 reported.That's when a friend push her and she fell 60 feet. All of it was caught on camera.

Jumping off a bridge is one thing, but being pushed is another and it's extremely dangerous for reasons such as the person pushed may not land feet first. And Holgerson did not.

Holgerson has five broken ribs, air bubbles in her chest and a punctured lung, according to KING5.

Authorities are investigating the incident. It's unclear if Holgerson's friend will be criminally charged.

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