Teen crime spree suspects had previous criminal history

Sirquian Burr

13 Investigates is learning more about the juvenile records of two teens accused of robbing and killing an Indianapolis man during a crime spree across the city.

The records uncovers why the teens were put on home monitoring, and the trail of trouble now leading to even more serious charges.

We can't show you his face or tell you his name. He's just 15 years old, a juvenile and small in stature.

But on paper, "we're dealing with murder, attempt murder, A-felony robbery, B-felony robbery. This was a crime spree," said the deputy prosecutor on the case.

Now 13 Investigates has discovered a trail of trouble in the delinquency records for both teens accused in the shooting death of John Yingling. Records open for disclosure under Indiana law because the delinquency charges are equivalent to felonies under the adult system.

Records reveal the 15-year-old was put on home monitoring February 7th after admitting to auto theft charges.

On February 13th, he became an escapee by removing the monitoring device before he and 17-year-old Sirquian Burr allegedly set out for a morning of robberies and shootings and then leading police on a high speed chase.

"This child had been ordered by the juvenile court to be home on electronic monitor. He violated that order and that's an escape charge," said Haughan.

And there's more.

Two days before Yingling's murder and the alleged hold-ups of other individuals and another auto theft, the 15-year-old is accused of robbing a man of his cell phone, wallet and car keys by gunpoint.

A week before that on February 1st, the child reportedly received a stolen 2010 Black Kia Optima and then disposed of it.

Prosecutors plan to argue the entire juvenile history shows why the 15-year-old should be waived to adult court.

"We're required to show that the actual offenses are heinous in nature, or we have to show it's a repetitive pattern of delinquent behavior," explained Haughan.

At 17 years old, Sirquian Burr was a direct file to adult court.

13 Investigates found he had just completed a month of home monitoring in late January on an attempted robbery charge.

Burr, as a 12-year-old, was found delinquent of battery against a camp counselor at Garfield Park. Prosecutors say he also threatened "to kill" the counselor, but felony intimidation charges were dropped.

The 15-year-old has had numerous charges against him dismissed as part of plea deals, including: criminal recklessness, possession of marijuana and operating a vehicle without a license.

Attorney Kenneth Riggins says the 15-year-old is remorseful about the death of Yingling and claims Burr did the shooting.

The teen will undergo psychological exams and is expected back in court March 7th.