Teen behind lawmaker meeting speaks out

Kameryn Gibson says the ad he placed on Craigslist was a "joke."

INDIANAPOLIS - The teenager behind a hotel meeting with a state lawmaker says the whole thing started as a "joke."

State Rep. Phillip Hinkle says he's the victim of a "shakedown" after emails about a sexual rendezvous were revealed to Eyewitness News' partners at the Indianapolis Star Friday. Hinkle reportedly answered an ad 18-year-old Kameryn Gibson placed on Craigslist, arranging to meet the teen at the JW Marriott downtown and pay him for the time.

"It was not a set-up at all," Gibson said. "It was actually a joke."

He says it was a joke between him and his sister, with no cash for sex. But transcripts of their emails obtained by the Star show Gibson appearing to bargain with Hinkle over money.

"A couple hours of your time tonight," Hinkle wrote, allegedly offering a $60 tip "for a really good time."

Later, Hinkle confirmed the meeting plans.

"Looking forward to get-together. Will call you when leaving dinner and give you room number. You get downtown, I'll get you home. Deal?" the married lawmaker wrote.

"Deal. Don't stand me up," Gibson replied.

"I won't," wrote Hinkle.

What sounds like a cash-for-sex deal wasn't, says Gibson.

"I didn't want anything out of it. When I saw him, he was an older gentleman that was really old and I didn't want anything to do with that," Gibson told Eyewitness News.

But in the hotel, the representative exposed himself, Gibson said. Later, when the 18-year-old turned to leave, "He was like, 'You're not leaving 'til we do what we planned to do'."

Gibson says Hinkle didn't want him to leave.

"He grabbed my arm and grabbed my shirt, then went sexual with me by touching my butt," Gibson said.

Gibson says going public has been rough, but says he did it when he learned Rep. Hinkle did things like help create the "In God We Trust" license plate.

"I just wanted to tell the world, because I found out that he was anti-gay and he didn't like gay people, so why are you trying to get with somebody that's gay?" Gibson said, talking about Hinkle's stand against same-sex marriage.

Hinkle could not be reached for comment Friday.

"Felt sorry for him," said Charles Fletcher, a neighbor of the representative.

He says it's been a bad couple of months for Hinkle, who lost his job and his wife is facing surgery.

"Pretty much told us the whole story and said he screwed up," Fletcher said.

Gibson's family says he is hearing from national TV talk shows, interesting in hearing his story.