Teen, 17, charged in Southport fatal shooting, auto thefts

An 18-mile chase ended in a crash in Brownsburg.

Prosecutors are charging a 17-year-old suspect in last week's crime spree with murder, robbery and several other charges. Sirquain Burr and a 15-year-old juvenile are suspected in a string of felonies, including two shootings which one victim did not survive. Burr and the 15-year-old crashed their stolen getaway car last Wednesday during a police chase.

Burr was due to appear in court Tuesday morning, but his initial hearing was delayed until Wednesday at 9:15 am.

Court documents detail every move of the two teens accused in the crime spree. The reports highlight acts of terror on innocent people going about their everyday lives.

Burr faces five felonies from a trail of crimes he's accused of committing with a 15-year-old friend. Burr faces charges of murder, attempted murder, robbery, attempted robbery, auto theft and carrying a gun without a license

Burr is being charged as an adult for the murder of 38-year-old Southport resident John Yingling. Yingling was on the phone with his wife last Wednesday morning when he got into his truck to run an errand, according to court documents. His wife told police she heard another man's voice in the background saying something about "money" and a "wallet"; then the line went dead. Police found Yingling in the cab of his truck, still in his own driveway on Babette Court, with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Court documents show Burr also faces robbery charges in connection with the incident.

That day ended in a violent crash, but Burr's mother tells us it started out like any other.

"It was just a normal morning. It was get up, I love you, Mom and have a good day," said Tyease Dunn, Burr's mother.

The report says what happened next was anything but normal, with the teens suspected in a string of robberies and shootings. The 15-year-old says Burr asked Yingling for directions before shooting him to death in his driveway. The juvenile also told police that Burr stole Yingling's handgun before they sped away in a stolen car, leaving Yingling with a fatal gunshot wound in the cab of his truck.

"I don't wish death on anyone. I would not want anyone to lose their father or their mother," said Dunn. "To the families, I am more than sorry anybody has to go through any of this, but it's hard to say because I do not know what he had to do with the situation."

Burr is also being charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a man who was out walking his dog along Dandy Trail on the Indianapolis west side an hour after the Southport fatal shooting. That victim only had minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

In addition, Burr faces robbery and auto theft charges for incidents that also took place that morning. He's accused of stealing a Chevy Malibu and a Ford Expedition. It's believed the teens attempted or committed robberies while in the stolen vehicles, according to court documents.

Meantime, Sirquain Burr's mother says although her son has been in trouble before, her family never anticipated anything like the violent crime spree ever happening.

Burr's mother says although she is not sure exactly what role her son played in the crime spree, she is sorry for the victims. She broke down in tears outside the courtroom talking about her son's troubles.

"No matter what we teach our kids, they go their own paths. But we are pretty sure God is watching over him," said Tyaese Dunn. Burr's mother.

Dunn says she asked juvenile court to detain her son last year when he ran into trouble with the law. She also says she wants her son to take responsibility for his actions.

Marion County Forensic Services says a spent shell casing and bullet found at the Southport murder scene match a Bryco .380 handgun that Burr tossed out the window of the getaway vehicle. That weapon was later recovered by police.

When Burr arrives at the City-County Building for a hearing Wednesday, he will not only see his mother in the courtroom, but also family friends.

"He is faced with some serious charges," said Pastor Kevin Andrews, who knows the family.

Kevin Andrews is pastor at Carmel United Methodist Church. He and his wife Sandra tried to help get Burr on the right track.

"While he is sitting in the Marion County Jail, he takes some serious stock of his soul," said Andrews.

"We want to let him know that no matter what he has done, we still love him," said Sandra Andrews.

At one point Burr's mother broke down in tears outside the courtroom, but promised to stand by her son despite the mountain of new charges.

"Regardless of what he did, he is my child," said Dunn.

15-year-old admits to driving getaway vehicle

The 15-year-old admitted to driving the stolen Ford Expedition that police pursued until it crashed in Brownsburg.

The father of the 15-year-old suspect, James Edwards, Sr., told Eyewitness News his son was on house arrest for getting into trouble late last year. On the day of the crime spree, Edwards says his son missed the school bus and instead of returning home, he jumped a ride with Burr in an SUV stolen from the Indianapolis south side as the owner left it outside warming up before heading to work.

Meantime, Attorney Kenneth Riggins tells Eyewitness News he wants his 15-year-old client evaluated by a psychologist. The 15-year-old returns to juvenile court Thursday morning for his rescheduled initial detention hearing. A judge will decide at that time if the teenager will remain in custody or if he will be released into the custody of his parents.

The boy's father says after he and his wife filed for filed for divorce last summer, his son was supposed to spend weekdays with her and weekends with him. Eyewitness News found a number of police reports involving the 15-year-old where he has been arrested or in trouble with the law.

Crime spree details

A Southport man, 38-year-old John Yingling, died after being shot while pulling out of his driveway early that morning. A west side man was shot while walking his dog about an hour later. He only had minor injuries. A Speedway man reported an attempted mugging that same morning. In addition, two vehicles were stolen that morning.

After the shootings and robberies that morning, police located a suspect vehicle at 38th and Lafayette Road and pursued it until it crashed into two other vehicles in Brownsburg.