Technology of the future on display at Consumer Electronics Show


LAS VEGAS (WTHR) – The technology of the future is on display in Las Vegas.

More than 4,000 companies are showing off their really shiny and expensive gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung has a design your own TV that expands from a 12 inch screen to one nearly that's two stories tall.

Then there are artificial intelligence robot helpers too.

Google and Amazon are both there too, showing off their new digital assistants that are using faster 5G technology.

"Artificial intelligence is the ingredient of the show, it's the future. We have a separate area but almost every company that's major has something about it. Because that allows products to be smart and more responsive and predictive of needs of consumers."

Of course there are kitchen gadgets too, including a touchscreen oven which will walk you through a recipe.

There's even a fresh bread vending machine that's on display.