Teacher donates kidney to save life of student's father

Photo: NBC News

GREER, SC (WTHR) - Robbie Pokora's dad was living with kidney failure, hooked up to a machine, all of the time with little hope for a donor.

One day, Pokora decided to confide in Ray Steadman, his mentor and high school teacher.

"He'd also mentioned his dad's blood type, which happens to be mine, and in the back of my head, I heard this voice, and to me it was God telling me, 'you can do this,'" Steadman said.

Steadman went ahead with the testing and found he was a perfect match for Pokora's dad.

The donation was a success and something the Pokora family will forever be thankful for.

"I get to see my son graduate, I get to see him get married, see him go to the next level," said Rob Pokora, Robbie's dad.

"The gratitude for that family, I mean, there aren't Pokora's and Steadman's, it's just one family," said Robbie.

Steadman is now a freshman at South Carolina and has been inspired to help other people like his father.

He is studying to be a kidney transplant surgeon.

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