Taylor student strives for first feature film shot in Grant County


UPLAND, Ind. (WTHR) — Andrew Paul Davis is still a senior at Taylor University and he's still a senior at Taylor University.

Many of those films were class projects, but he is working on a new project and he needs your help.

Upland, Indiana, population around 3,700, is not a movie Mecca. In fact, no movie has ever been shot there, but that may be about to change.

"This area deserves to be a setting for a film," Andrew Paul Davis said. "It's a pretty iconic movie area...James Dean thing going on."

Davis is working on a project that is already getting some web buzz, and may bring some attention to the northern Indiana town.

The movie is about race and sexual orientation in the Trump era.

"We need to explore the complexities of the contemporary racist," said Davis. "They have found their way into our year."

Soon, those "contemporary racists" may be on their way to the big screen.

Davis, a film major, has entered his project in a national film rally called Hometown Heroes. Seventy-three movie ideas have been entered.

Fans vote online for the project they want to see film producers Mark and Jay Duplass make into a movie. The top 10 projects make pitches to the brothers, and they'll choose five to produce. The Duplass brothers are generally regarded as a bridge from independent to Hollywood films in the industry.

The main goal: distribution.

"I do think the Duplass brothers do like to explore the Trump era," Davis said. He's is quick to point out he hopes to make this movie no matter who produces it.

"It's a very unique opportunity to represent this area because it has never been done before," he added.

But being one of the Duplass brothers' selections would mean more people would see it. The votes will be tabulated Oct. 13. Cast your vote at www.seedandspark.com.