Target apologizes for selling 'Baby Daddy' card for Father's Day


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Target is apologizing to its customers for selling a 'Baby Daddy' Father's Day card.

A few days before Father's Day, Target customers began to notice an unusual card choice meant for 'baby daddys.' A baby daddy is the term used for a man who is the father of a woman's child but is neither the woman's husband nor the woman's current partner.

The card received a lot of backlash on social media as customers expressed their concern over selling this type of card:

Target issued an apology when it noticed that some of its customers weren't happy with the card choice.

Target is pulling the card from about 900 stores, spokesman Joshua Thomas said in a statement given to The Kansas City Star on Wednesday.

And some customers argued that the message inside the card was actually sweet and not offensive in any way:

Target told the Kansas City Star it was never its intention to offend guests with the card.