Taking a trip? Here's the 3 best days to travel

Looking for Good Travel Deals
How to save money on flights

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Late August is one of those times when people start thinking about one last summer trip or a fall getaway, so how can stretch your dollar and get the best value?

As more kids go back to school, many hotels are seeing less demand, which means prices are going down.

Several different apps and e-mails advertise last-minute trips that can seem to offer big savings, but are they really that good of a deal?

“It's nonrefundable, so there is risk there. You don't know which brand you're actually buying until you pay the money, but I've even used that, and I've been able to save a couple of dollars, and sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised, and sometimes, I'm also not pleasantly surprised with what we get,” said Michael Grueninger with Grueninger Ambassadair Travel Group.

He says to be prepared for your own adventure in those cases!

Travel agents are now referred to as travel advisors, and while they may seem like a service to use for large, expensive, or international trips, that's not necessarily the case — they're often buying hotel rooms and flights in bulk, passing on the savings to you and that's not all.

“Giving you an experience you might not be able to get on your own or you might not be able to get on the internet. For example, Broadway shows: we will actually meet an actor or actress from a show that will come and speak to our group. When we're in Albuquerque, we might do a balloon ride. At the Rose Parade, we might do a private float tour,” Grueninger said.

If you go it alone, when is the best time to book a flight? Grueninger says three days typically have the cheapest flights: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

He says to avoid Monday because that’s when a lot of business travelers are heading out.

To further save more money, he says to think outside the box when it comes to your flight.

“Orlando for example — look at Sanford Airport for example. Look at Tampa, which is about an hour away from Orlando. You might even look at direct flights versus connecting flights. Connecting flights sometimes have a tendency to be less expensive,” Grueninger said.

He also recommends you fly early. If there are flight delays throughout the day, they can trickle down and impact afternoon and especially evening flights.

Travel insurance is another option that’s popping up more and more, but is it really a good idea?

“Basically, you're protecting your investment, especially if you're booking it 11 months in advance. Not only are you protecting yourself, but if you, say, have elderly parents who have health issues,” Grueninger said.

It's also good because it offers you protections if you have a flight delay or cancellation.

He also recommends booking at least 70 days out to get the best deal.

For hotels, he recommends sticking to one brand to build up loyalty points and potentially get better offers.