Switzerland host for "World Championship Office Chair Race"


OLTEN, SWIZERLAND (NBC NEWS) - People lined the streets of a town in Switzerland Saturday for an event billed as the "World Championship Office Chair Race."

The international event returned to the streets of Olten, Switzerland after a ten-year break.

The racers were mostly Swiss, but there were some from Germany and Austria as well.

The competition featured contestants in costumes and a wide variety of chairs on rollers.

Participants wore safety helmets as they weaved around barriers made of hay bales.

Steering an office chair presents special challenges.

Some competitors did a better job of using their feet than others.

But there was at least one spill along the course.

The pair of racers who had a tandem vehicle, the guys in the blue t-shirts, seemed to have an advantage.

And they turned out to be the winners.

Both are Swiss, and they walked away with the prize - a travel voucher worth more than $500.

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