Suspected robber shot and killed at Northwest side supermarket

Police were called out on the report of a person shot inside the Kroger at 71st and Georgetown.

Police were called out on a person shot at the Kroger, 71st and Georgetown, around 6:00 Monday evening.

Police say the man, whose name has not yet been released, entered the store and forced something hard into the back of a store clerk. They say he then ordered her to lead him to the manager's office.

As they approached the store manager's office, another employee opened fire, striking the suspect in the face.

Catherine Jefferson was inside the store. She said "I heard bam, bam, bam. I said 'oh gosh, somebody got shot.'" Jefferson said some of the customers panicked. "Everybody was running all kinds of directions. I said 'let's not do that. Let's run to the meat department and go in there and hide.' So, we went in there, cause I said 'you don't know where he went.'"
It's unclear whether the shot was fired by a security guard or another Kroger employee.

In a release late Monday night, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the person shot had died. The release said the identity would have to be confirmed by the Marion County Coroner's office who would then notify the next of kin.

Police spent several hours at the store conducting their investigation. At one point, a woman who appeared to be a security guard was taken away in a police car, apparently part of the investigation.

In the late Monday release IMPD said: homicide detectives, working along with the Marion County Prosecutor's office, advise that an arrest isn't expected in this case.

We will update this story as information comes available.