Suspect arrested in downtown sex assaults


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The man police say is responsible for two sex assaults in downtown Indianapolis was arrested early Sunday morning.

Anthony Jones, 25, was arrested by Marion County sheriff's deputies during a traffic stop on 38th St. around 2 a.m., according to IMPD Chief Bryan Roach.

According to police, Jones just got out of prison this month. Court records show he has a lengthy criminal past and has served tie in prison for robbery, carrying a gun without a license, intimidation, theft, escape and resisting. Along with a history of probation violations.

Now, Jones is accused of attacking two women just hours apart.

According to police, the first attack happened around 9 a.m. Monday, May 22 in the Artistry Apartment building. That's where a woman told police Jones touched her inappropriately in an elevator.

The second incident, according to police, happened just a few hours later in a parking garage in the 100 block of N. Jersey Ave. That's where police say Jones raped a woman.

It took nearly a week for authorities to track Jones down. People who live in the area say they're grateful to have some closure.

“I trust the police,” said Yohanc Allett, who lives nearby. “That's what they do, serve and protect. I see them patrolling, going around and everything else.”

“I was hoping [downtown Indianapolis] would stay a safe place and I wouldn't have to worry about my personal things, my car, my body, my own safety or the safety of others around me, so that was upsetting,” said Erika Zevin, who also lives in the area.

"I mean given the weekend - and just regardless - it's an exciting relief to have captured this sexual predator who's created some havoc in our community here in Indianapolis," said IMPD’s Kendale Adams.

Both of the alleged victims identified Jones as their attacker. Neighbors say this is a good reminder to keep an eye out for your friends and family.

“If someone's leaving your apartment at 1 a.m., you don't just say, ‘alright, I'll see you tomorrow.’ You walk them to the door, make sure they get back to the car,” said Allett. “Little things like that, I think, go a long way.”

“It's good to feel safe where you live, but I think it's important to always just stay vigilant and be aware if someone looks suspicious,” said Zevin. “If your alarm bells are going off in your head, it's okay to listen to that and just call someone for safety or yell out for help and I think it's important to just try to stay safe.”