Survivors step out for Race for the Cure after getting rained out last year

WTHR image by Steve Rhodes
Race for the Cure 9am
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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Thousands of people stepped out in pink on Saturday morning to Race For the Cure. The breast cancer fundraiser got rained out last year, but they were back this time.

Saturday morning's survivors and thrivers were all smiles, as they stepped off for their parade. It's a yearly tradition, with just one exception, which was last time around.

“I should have stayed home, but I thought, ‘you're not keeping me down. I beat cancer I'm going to go!’ Didn't work out,” said Carol York, who is a 13-year survivor. “Last year was such a bummer.”

In 2017, the threat of severe weather canceled the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Boxes of bananas that were ready for runners had to be donated elsewhere instead, since all the racers got sent home.

Because of the weather last year, they combined the Wall of Hope for 2017 and 2108. This time, we didn’t see rain, lightning or thunder, and we finally got those sunny skies.

Families and friends showed up all dressed up, some in costumes they made by themselves. They were decked out in pink, from head to toe.

The parade was flipped around this time, with the most recent survivors starting at the front. At the back of the line was a woman who beat the odds. Doctors told Joreen Caldwell that she wouldn't survive two years past her diagnosis, but she is still going 64 years later. Many others had similar stories.

“I had a double mastectomy when I was diagnosed a couple years ago,” said Amie Lieurance, who is also a breast cancer survivor. “I had a couple rounds of radiation. These people [her family and friends standing behind her] were all here every step of the way and I could do all this stuff without them”

“I'm here,” said Dawn Hughes. “I'm a survivor. And I'm walking for the other survivors who could not be here today.”

They walked and ran and raised money as well.

“We've raised just under $4,000 from my team alone, so we're excited to support the cause,” said Lieurance.

Each of them were hoping for a much bigger next step, a cure for breast cancer someday.

Organizers say they're getting close to their fundraising goal of $750,000. So far, they have collected about $700,000 and you can keep donating through May 29.