Super exhibits open early, and they're free


Indianapolis is getting ready to host thousands of out-of-town guests, but right now there are events and exhibits open to the public.

One is called "TURF." But the name is about where the connection to the game ends.  It's really a way of extending the Super Bowl experience far beyond the sport.

TURF has transformed the old city hall on Alabama Street into a modern art exhibit. It's basically a museum with 20 different installations that are very interactive.  The building is being used for this just through Super Bowl Sunday. 

It's the first time a host city has dedicated an art gallery for use just during the days leading up to a Super Bowl.  Everyone is being encouraged to come see what's going on in Indianapolis' art scene, including those visitors from Boston and New York. 

"We believe that our talent is second to no one," said Turf organizer Mark Ruschman, "and when they come here and they see what we have to offer, we hope that it will just add to the excitement about Indianapolis and to the impression that we're a world-class city."

By the time the two teams kick off on Super Bowl Sunday, an estimated 1000 school children will have walked TURF's halls.

TURF is free and open every day from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.  It's closed Monday.