Study: Women who watch too much TV at higher risk for cancer


(WTHR) — There's a new warning for women who spend too much time in front of the TV: You could be at a higher risk for cancer.

In fact, watching more than two hours a day could increase the risk of colorectal cancer in women younger than 50 by 70 percent.

This recent study published in JNCI Cancer Spectrum followed nearly 90,000 nurses for more than 20 years and saw 118 early cases of the cancer pop up during that time.

And what's even scarier is the connection between the television and cancer risks wasn't affected by how much time you exercise or your body mass index.

According to NBC News, evidence has been growing to show that a sedentary lifestyle combined with a Westernized diet can cause heart disease and diabetes, even in people who exercise.

The study does have its limitations as it only analyzed data from women, and some of the women were post-menopausal which could have contributed to the risk.

Doctors recommend getting up off the couch as much as you can and try to stick to less than an hour of TV per day.

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