Students rally for stricter gun laws

All these people are gathered outside the statehouse for a rally about universal background checks for guns. (WTHR Photo/Anna Carrera)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – High school students from around central Indiana made some noise at the Statehouse on Saturday afternoon.

They came out to rally for universal background checks on all gun sales. Many students held signs and came up from the crowd to show their solidarity.

One student from Noblesville says this hits close to home after last year's shooting at Noblesville West Middle School. They believe they can make a difference by voting.

"I just voted last year for the first time," said Carly Chier, who is a senior at Noblesville High. "I know students in upcoming years will be doing the same thing that I did and they'll be wanting to vote for candidates that are supportive of common sense gun laws and that's going to be the biggest part of it."

The event was organized by the students in "We Live Indy," which is based out of Warren Central High on the east side of Indianapolis.

This is the second time they've done an event like this at the statehouse..

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