Students on edge after reported Purdue sex assault


For the second time in a week, Purdue University Police are investigating a reported sexual assault on campus. This time, a woman says a man grabbed her while she was walking after dark.

Purdue University Police say a young woman was walking home alone on Waldron Street after a leaving a party Saturday night when she says a man came up behind her, pulled her into the shadows and began sexually assaulting her. Then, she told police for some reason, he stopped and ran away, heading north on Waldron.

Campus police officers notified students as soon as they learned about the attack.

On Monday, as students walked to and from class, there was plenty of talk about two recent attacks on campus.

"You don't know who is out there," said Erin McMahan, Purdue student.

The attacks keep students like McMahan constantly on alert when it comes to her safety.

"I actually work until 8:30 to nine o'clock some nights. I actually call my friends on the way home to let them know I am still here," she said.

A student called campus police officers Saturday night after finding her friend half dressed and injured. The man who tried to rape her ran away.

"It was sad that something like that happened to the young girl outside," said Allie Kenneally, Purdue student.

Kenneally got the urgent text messages about the attack.

"I actually live in Wiley. I was in my room when it happened, so I was close by so I felt safe in my room. My R A was there, I saw all the doors were locked. You can't get in unless you live in Wiley," she said.

Kenneally says many students already are in the habit of never walking alone and avoiding secluded places on campus, especially at night.

This latest attack comes on the heels of the arrest of 20-year-old student James Rendon. He's banned from campus in connection to an alleged rape inside his purdue fraternity house. A college student named Rendon as her attacker after returning to her college campus in Iowa.

Purdue students are urged to use the dozens of emergency boxes throughout campus.

"They are...really urgent about coming and picking you up and taking you back to your dorm or house where ever you live," said McMahan.

Purdue University police officers insist despite the fraternity house alleged rape and the dining hall area attack, campus is safe.

"As a freshmen in BGR they talked about staying safe and always having a back-up plan," said Abbi Baum, Purdue student.

Campus police continue to update students on the investigation using the university's electronic notification systems. They are urging students to report any suspicious activity on campus.