Students at Chapel Glen Elementary remember 9/11 with silent tribute

Students at Chapel Glenn Elementary School participate in a 9/11 tribute. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – There are countless memorials and remembrance ceremonies taking place across the U.S. and here in Indianapolis.

Dismissal at Chapel Glen Elementary School was just as organized as any other day with one big exception - the silence.

"This day is for all those who died in the towers and everybody who helped out," Shania Jackson said as she stood with four of her 6th grade classmates before the tribute began.

"This day is to honor all who were at the Pentagon after the plane when it crashed into the field and the towers," Nola Dunn remarked.

Before dismissal, all the 900 students and staff members gathered outside to sing patriotic songs and listen to a few speeches from visiting dignitaries.

"It was scary watching how that could have been us," said MacKenzie Martin. "How the people in that building died that day."

"I was sad there were a lot of people in that building," said Sa-Deem Brown. "A lot of people died in that building. There was no way to escape."

But as they left school Wednesday in silence, they seemed to be of one mind with all of us.

"It wasn't right," Nola Dunn said. "Why would you just want to come to America and crash planes into buildings. It's just not right."

"I didn't think it was okay because we didn't do anything wrong to take the other place. It wasn't right," Jaden Mauss said.

That is what many people across this country are saying today and it's what Chapel Glen Elementary students are thinking during their silent dismissal in honor of 9/11.

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