Stream the Halloween spirit with "Netflix and Chills" menu


Netflix is getting into the Halloween spirit with a new section of spooky titles for horror fans.

The "Netflix and Chills" section debuted on screen last Friday (the 13th, of course) and features a mix of unique Netflix originals and Halloween classics.

Among the new Netflix films will be the original movie "In the Tall Grass," which was written by Stephen King and his son, horror writer Joe Hill. It will premiere in the section on October 4.

Already available for viewing is the Netflix Original "Marianne" and the 2018 film "We Have Always Lived in the Castle." "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" will join the lineup next Tuesday (September 24).

Here's the full schedule of releases, according to Deadline:

Sept. 13 - Marianne

Sept. 14 - We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Sept. 24 - American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Sept. 25 - Glitch: Season 3

Sept. 27 - In the Shadow of the Moon

Oct. 1 - A.M.I
House of the Witch
Scream 2
Sinister Circle

Oct. 4 - In the Tall Grass

Oct. 11 - Haunted: Season 2

Oct. 16 - Sinister 2

Oct. 18 - Eli

Oct. 24 - Daybreak

Oct. 25 - Rattlesnake
Prank Encounters

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