Stray bullet on New Year's has family living in pain and fear

Tiara Spencer (right) and her fiancée Rachel Yuille

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - On New Year's Eve, a stray bullet punched a hole through a kitchen window of a west side apartment.

It nearly killed a woman and changed the lives of her fiancée and their children. Shooting victim Tiara Spencer talked for the first time, only to Eyewitness News, about their ordeal.

"I'm good. I'm pretty strong. I can take a lot," Spencer said as she slowly walked into the living room and carefully sat down in a sofa. "What really frustrates me is the lack of security and protection."

Spencer has endured a shot to the stomach, two surgeries, seven days in the hospital and hospital visits three times a week. Another surgery is scheduled in six weeks. It will likely be May before Spencer is completely healthy.

"It's been a lot of pain. It's been a lot of frustration. I'm still frustrated," she said.

Is she scared?

"I am a little bit, because I am still in this apartment," she replied.

On New Year's Eve, the family was at the kitchen window looking across the playground and courtyard at fireworks. Soon, they realized some of those firecrackers were really gunshots.

"It was like a war zone outside," Spencer explained. "I heard semi-automatics. I heard all types of firearms."

An instant after pushing two children away from the window, a bullet punched through the glass.

"A stray bullet hit me in the stomach," Spencer said. "I told Rachel I'm hit. I hit the ground."

Tiara's fiancée Rachel Yuille administered first aid until paramedics arrived.

"My thought is, 'I'm going to die.' I really thought I was going to die. I was very scared," she said.

Yuille is now a mom, a nurse, and the family's only wage earner.

"It can be a handful. It can be a lot. I get stressed easily. I do what I have to," she said holding on to Spencer's hand.

A blanket hides the bullet hole. It's been more than a week and the manager hasn't fixed it and, according to the couple, won't let them out of their lease.

"They don't want us to leave. I have to leave. I have to feel safe," Spencer said. "They rather give us another apartment to live in and I said that's bananas. You give me another apartment, you're probably putting me next to the person who shot me."

A woman who identified herself as a representative of Addison Creek Apartments promised Eyewitness News she would meet with the couple and discuss options with them.

Police haven't identified the shooter.

"It is my heart to forgive, but I am angry and upset because they didn't think about the consequences before firing a handgun," Spencer said.

In this case, taking the happiness out of what was expected to be a happy new year.