Strangers come together to help stowaway kitten make 1,400 mile trip home


WHITEHALL, Wisc. (WTHR) - A cat's quest home spanned some 1,400 miles and brought together complete strangers along the way.

Gizmo left earlier this week, a stowaway on a truck on a trailer headed for Kansas.

The man who purchased the equipment made the discovery and called the family to inquire if they were missing a kitten. Then came the question of Gizmo's return trip arrangements.

"The gentleman that came and brought the truck from my husband, a friend his drove her halfway to Topeka. Some lady that I don't know, some how somebody shared it and it got through on Facebook, her name is Nancy. Nancy drove from Topeka to Salina and picked her up, and then went straight to Kansas City," said Chasity Huismann.

Huismann said her daughter Addy, 3, isn't letting Gizmo out of her sight since he came home.

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