Stranger shares why he gifted newlyweds toilet paper at photoshoot during COVID-19 pandemic

(Photo: Alex and Shanette Meadows)

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTHR/WTIC/TEGNA) — It was one of those fun, beautiful moments we all need at a time like this. A wedding photo shoot is going viral after a stranger approached the couple and gifted them a package of toilet paper.

It turns out that "stranger" is Curt Gemme.

Over the weekend, Gemme stumbled across a Hartford-area Dollar General that had toilet paper in stock. Thinking he could do something positive with it, he and his son bought four packages. He had one package left after giving some to friends.

Curt happened to be grabbing some items from his office and was heading home when he came across Alex and Shanette Meadows during their photo shoot.

Curt stopped his car and asked, "Are we gonna do this?"

The couple seemed confused at first, but it quickly turned to fun when Curt pulled out the 12-pack of Angel Soft toilet paper.

"I didn't know you guys were gonna be here today. I didn't get you a present, so here's some toilet paper," Curt told them.

The photographer captured a priceless shot of Shanette holding the toilet paper in the air as if they just won the lottery.

After the photo shoot, the couple put out a call to try and find the generous stranger. The story went viral.

Curt saw it and was able to reconnect with Shanette over Facebook Messenger.

"She said, 'God bless you. This was a blessing and you made our wedding epic,'" Curt said.

He later saw the same package of toilet paper selling for thousands of dollars on an auction site. Curt said he could never in good conscience sell toilet paper. He just wanted to do something nice and thinks it is cool it went viral.

"It's been fun. People are enjoying it and that's great," Curt said.