State's largest consignment sale for children underway


Whale of a Sale has been a popular event in Indianapolis for the past several years and it has grown to become the largest consignment event for children’s items in Indiana.

The sale features 30,000 square feet of items for sale that are all for children and offers more than just clothing.

Shoes, toys, equipment, diaper bags, bedding, furniture, maternity, and more are also for sale at a fraction of what you would pay at the store.

Butler graduates Courtney O'Neil and Jennifer Hare started Whale of a Sale several years ago, as they became new mothers looking for bargains after they noticed how quickly their children outgrew clothing.

Families apply to sale their new or lightly used items at the sale. Up to 500 people consign at the event and receive 60% of what they sale, or up to 70% off if they volunteer at the sale.

Consignor Rachel Clark is volunteering her time by working the register.

"When I see something that was mine that comes through it's fun to say oh my daughter loved that or my son really liked that toy," Clark said.

But for families at the event, it's all about the art of letting go.

"I've coached my boys to sit down and get rid of something they don't play with anymore so we can make room for new things and as they've gotten older they've gotten a little more understanding as that process goes and it kind of teaches them the value of money too," said mother Sara Gambs.

It's a lesson these moms are passing on to their children, while also overcoming their own occasional nostalgia.

"A lot of them have nice memories with them, but you know what, I have photos of her in them so someone else can enjoy them," said mother Christine Wise.

Saturday the sale runs from 9am to 4pm and on Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

Sunday is a bit of a clearance sale as it is half price day.

Credit cards are accepted and all sales are final.

Whale of a Sale is at the Five Seasons Sports Club, 1300 E 96th Street, on the north side of Indianapolis.