State trooper arrested on intimidation, harassment charges

Indiana State Police Trooper Edward Titus, 28 (Photo: Howard County Jail)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WTHR) — An Indiana State Police trooper is facing charges after being arrested last week.

Edward Titus, 28, has been charged with one count of intimidation and one count of harassment after allegedly threatening to kill his ex-wife's current boyfriend. Titus is a trooper covering Grant County.

His ex-wife recorded a phone conversation she had with Titus where he allegedly made the threats. The conversation was more than 30 minutes long, and she recorded the last six minutes of it.

She said Titus admitted he would turn in his work-issued gun, badge and squad car so he wouldn't get state police involved in his crime. According to police, she was unable to record that portion of the conversation. Titus also told her he'd flee to a country where he couldn't be extradited, according to police documents.

Titus' ex-wife said his harassment against her and her new boyfriend has a lengthy history, including incidents like showing up to her boyfriend's home on one occasion, pushing her down and breaking her phone on another occasion, and following them to a church parking lot another time.

In the recorded phone conversation, police records show Titus told her he doesn't believe in God anymore, and said she had broken him down to the point that he "doesn't care what happens."

That conversation happened Tuesday, May 28. The Kokomo Police Department arrested him Wednesday, May 29. He was booked into the Howard County Jail, and has since been released.

Court documents show Titus is scheduled for a bench trial Aug. 22.

Indiana State Police say Titus remains employed.