State senator wants to let students use sunscreen without doctor's note


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A bill at the Statehouse would let students have sunscreen with them at school without a doctor's note.

State Sen. Liz Brown, R-Fort Wayne, said she authored SB-24 because the FDA classifies sunscreen as an over-the-counter medicine like pain relievers and cold medicine. Because of that, some school districts require it to be kept in the nurse's office during the day and for the nurse to administer it like they do medication.

The bill would allow an exception for sunscreen so students can keep and use a topical, non-aerosol sunscreen while at school for recess and outdoor athletics practices without needing a doctor's note or prescription, or having to leave it with the nurse. They can also use it at school-sponsored events.

It also says that if a teacher, coach or other school employee helps apply the sunscreen but the student gets burned anyway, neither the school nor the employee can be held responsible.

Schools can still choose to allow aerosol sunscreens if they want, so long as they meet FDA standards for UV protection.

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