State seeking life without parole for Bloomington man who killed an infant

(Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Department)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) — The State of Indiana is seeking life in prison without parole for Dakota King.

On July 30, officers responded to the IU Health Bloomington Hospital emergency department regarding a two-month old infant that had been brought to the hospital in very poor health.

Police say by the time they got there, the child had already died.

Police arrested Dakota L. King after they say he squeezed and suffocated an infant. (Photo: Adrienne Mosher)

After several interviews, 19-year-old Dakota L. King was arrested for murder.

Police say King was interviewed and admitted to investigators he was angry earlier in the day when the child spit up milk on his clothing.

King stated that he placed the infant in the bassinet and placed his hands on the back of the infant’s head to hold the child down.

King told police that the child was crying so he pushed the child’s head down into the pillow of the bassinet until the child stopped crying.

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