State Road 37 overpass project in Fishers should begin this summer

(Photo: WTHR)

FISHERS, Ind. — The busy intersection at 126th Street and State Road 37 in Fishers will get a major facelift this year.

Almost 50,000 cars pass through the Hamilton County intersection every day.

The stoplight will be replaced with a dual lane double roundabout overpass.

The intersection at State Road 37 and 126th Street in Fishers, Indiana, Tuesday, April 16, 2019. (Photo: WTHR/Rich Nye)

More intersection changes are planned on the 2-mile stretch of 37 from 126th Street to 146th Street. Anyone who travels that way through Fishers should be ready for traffic delays over the next several years. The project's goal is to keep traffic moving on 37, make getting across the state highway easier and improve walkability.

"We're trying to bring back reliability to the corridor, just improve the flow of the traffic through the area so that 37 is no longer a dividing asset in the community," said Fishers Director of Engineering Jason Taylor.

Bids will be accepted later this spring and Fishers hopes construction crews will begin work at 126th Street by late this summer. Drainage line work is already underway at 131st and 146th Streets.

Fully Promoted is a branded apparel and promotional items business located for the last four years in a strip shopping center at 126th Street just east of SR 37.

"Our concern is being able to cross 37, being able to get to the other side in a timely manner and just being able to get around," said Fully Promoted owner Jeff Slain. Construction on the 126th Street overpass should be completed in 2020. Next comes a single point urban interchange (SPUI) on an overpass at 146th Street. That new intersection will take two years to build, with completion expected by 2023.

Intersection changes at 131st Street, 135th Street and 141st Street come later.

"If it can stop the gridlock in the morning and in the afternoon, I think anything to help with that will be an improvement," said Slain.

"I guess just be patient with us," Taylor said. "We hear them. We understand their concerns. We are doing everything we can to mitigate those concerns."

Two lanes of traffic both north and south will remain open on SR 37 through each phase of the project. East-west cross traffic may be limited to right turns only during much of the construction.

The City of Fishers is managing the project. The Indiana Department of Transportation is paying $100 million toward the project with Fishers and Hamilton County adding $12 million each.

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