State museum's 'Color of Style' celebrates Indiana's fashion roots

Yellow fashion featured in the "Color of Style" exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. (Photo: WTHR/Matt McCutcheon)
Color of Style at the Indiana State Museum
Indiana as a fashion Mecca at the Indiana State Museum

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Clothes. Fashion. Designers. Couture. These are things you probably associate with Paris or New York, but Indiana has earned a top spot as a fashion Mecca.

"I want to make sure that everybody knows that this is a state that has spawned some of the best American talent that we've ever had," said New York Fashion Week Creator Fern Mallis.

What do celebrated designers Norman Norell, Bill Blass, and Halston all have in common? Indiana roots.

Norell grew up in Indianapolis and Noblesville; Blass in Fort Wayne; and Halston around Evansville.

Each are iconic names today with their own impressive bench of awards and honors.

Long before celebrity and designer colognes and perfumes like Lady Gaga Fame or Calvin Klein Obsession hit the market, Norell became the first American designer to launch a scent in 1968.

Then there are the Hoosier celebrities known for sporting bold clothing like Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert.

It all may explain why Indiana just wrapped up its first-ever fashion week which included a visit from Mallis.

She says technology will make it even easier for up-and-coming designers from our state to make it big.

Indiana’s fashion roots, from everyday to special occasion, are celebrated at the Indiana State Museum as part of the Color of Style exhibit.

Each day we choose an outfit from our closet, but why do we gravitate toward a certain color? Do you have a lot of yellow in your closet? Red? Maybe purple? You can learn more about what makes us lean toward certain colors at the exhibit.

Nine colors and more than 50 outfits are on display along with a look ahead to the future of fashion and designers in Indiana.

The museum is also putting on a special event for adults only called Techo Color June 28. It's an after-hours celebration of style, fashion and bold color hosted by Miss Mossy Stone.

There will be lip sync performances by the Indy Shakes and a costume contest in the Color of Style exhibit. Click here to buy tickets.

Color of Style runs through July 28 at the Indiana State Museum.

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