Starfish Initiative helps high school students reach their goals


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The school year is just about wrapping up for students across central Indiana. And many students have a brighter future because of extra help they received through the Starfish Initiative in Marion County.

High school can be tough, but it's a little easier with someone by your side. For Senior Brittany Slack, it's her mentor, Jennifer Thomas.

"You have that one-on-one time for someone to bond with, as well as for them to give you feedback on how you're doing in school or even to teach you or lead you along the way," Brittany said.

The pair met a couple years ago as part of the Starfish Initiative. The program matches up high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds with mentors who have college educations to encourage them to reach their goals.

"I want to double major in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and criminal justice,” said Brittany.

"It's not that she's doesn't have an amazing family or an incredible support system," said Jennifer. "It's that it's always good to have someone else in your corner."

Now that Brittany's looking ahead to college, the pair wants to serve as inspiration for others to get involved with the program they love.

"If you think about all the ways you spend your time as an adult, all the ways we waste our time as adults, those five hours could be easily invested in a youth here in Indiana," said Jennifer. "These kids need it and they deserve it. And we can always use extra mentors to give that support."

To find out more about the Starfish Initiative, click here.

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