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Explore Japan: Scott Swan adventures across the 2020 Olympic host country

The Summer Olympics begin five months from today and WTHR's Scott Swan is helping introduce you to the host country.
Inari Shrine (WTHR/Steve Rhodes)

TOKYO (WTHR) – The Summer Olympics begin five months from today.

And we're getting our first look at the stories that Scott Swan brought back from his trip to Japan.

It's a dream assignment.

He was told to find great stories about the people and the culture.

And he spent nearly a month in Japan.

Scott went to the bustling capital of Tokyo and continued his tradition of finding stories in small towns and villages.

His goal on this Olympic "pre-trip" was to discover the heartbeat of the Olympic host country.

He met the most interesting people, ate a lot of great food and went to the most unique places.

In fact, he and WTHR photographer Steve Rhodes got access to places that cameras are rarely allowed.

On their adventure they experienced everything from sumo to sushi and godzilla to geishas — and this summer, you will too.


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