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Up-and-comer, IU swimmer Emily Weiss eyes 2020 Olympics

The countdown to the summer Olympics is on.​
Emily Weiss swimming during training. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The countdown to the summer Olympics is on.​

We are one year away from the games in Tokyo​ and a swimmer from Yorktown, Indiana has a​ shot at the Olympics.​​

She is a natural athlete.

Emily Weiss decided 10 years ago to focus on swimming. While at Yorktown High school, she dominated ​by winning four state titles in the 100-meter breast stroke.​

Emily's head shot. (Photo courtesy USA Swimming)

She set set a national record. The family home is​ full of awards.​

Weiss was named the national high school female swimmer​ of the year. She was literally a big fish in a small pond.​​

"Yeah, its pretty cool," she said. "I don't let that go to my head. I am working ​towards the present."​​

Now she is transitioning to life as a college athlete with the​ IU swim team.​​

"Its a very big change. ... Its much more competitive than high school was," she said.

Weiss will compete in some international meets this year. ​

She will set her sights on the Olympics next year.​​

"It's definitely on my radar," Weiss said. "I have a lot of events before then, but I feel like could be ready for that next level by next summer."​​

One of the people pushing her is IU teammate and two-time gold​ medalist, Lilly King.​​

"She scares me because she reminds me of myself​ with her work ethic," King said. "She is going to be a star in the future." ​​

Weiss trains just a lane over from King and is learning​ from the best.​

Weiss is on pace to realize her dream next summer.​​

"I feel like the Olympics is a always a dream for athletes," Weiss said. "I am more prepared than ever before. I have been thinking​ about this since I was 15."​​

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