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Milk & Cookies: IndyCar drivers dish on each other and their off-track lives

What IndyCar drivers love almost as much as going fast is dishing out dirt on each other.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — On the race track they are larger than life. Pushing speeds of more than 200 mph, IndyCar drivers love living life on the edge.

What they love almost as much (if not more) is dishing out dirt on each other.

Dave Calabro also got them to share some tidbits on their personal lives over Milk & Cookies.

Most famous person met:

Tony Kanaan: "Vin Diesel. When I won the Indy 500 people kept saying I looked like him. I think its the hairstyle, which there is no hair. Really nice guy."

James Hinchcliffe: "A lovely young lady by the name of Lady Gaga. I think that has to be the answer. Wonderful person. We went to St. Elmo, had a steak, champagne...that has to be the answer. Very nice person, very happy for her success."

Scott Dixon: "Maybe U2, the band. That was pretty cool. Yeah, backstage and after party. We had some beers, very cool. No pictures so it didn't happen, right?"

Takuma Sato: "Well, for me, AJ Foyt, but then worldwide probably President Trump."

Speeding tickets:

Tony Kanaan: "Three if I remember correctly. I was maybe 20 over the limit. My fastest one was maybe 82."

Helio Castroneves: "It was not my fault...well, it was kind of. The officer was so nice that he said 'you don't have speeding ticket in last five years. How 'bout that? That's impressive for a race car driver."

James Hinchcliffe: "I think maybe four or five and I think it was like 10 kph over to one that was like 60 kph over, like 40 mph. So, that's the biggest one I have and that's a big one though."

Scott Dixon: "I think I have a record in Indy last year. I got two in the space of 30 minutes. I got one on that road going out to Brownsburg and then one on 465 on the way back, and I was just picking up a seat and I got two in 30 minutes. That has to be a record."

Deserted island with another driver:

Helio Castroneves: "Danica Patrick! Did I went too fast? She's not an IndyCar driver anymore, is she?" DAVE: You would pick Danica? "Well, yeah! Why do you want to know...deserted island."

James Hinchcliffe: "Marco because he has a plan and we can get out of there!"

Takuma Sato: "Definitely not Will Power. He might be first in the pole race, but he's a terrible road driver. I would choose Graham Rahal."

Driver most likely to get botox:

Helio Castroneves: "I would say Ryan Hunter-Reay and Alex Rossi. Right now he's too young, but I think he would probably be the guy, its coming."

Tony Kanaan: "HELIO!"

Scott Dixon: "Uhhh, Helio! And hair gel."

Takuma Sato: "What's a botox?" DAVE: "They shoot injections to make your wrinkles go away." TAKUMA: "It has to be old, so Tony Kanaan."

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