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Colts fans excited to see Matt Ryan play in Indianapolis

At 36, fans know Matt Ryan won't wear Colts colors long-term, but they're hopeful he can help buy time to find a signal caller for the next generation.

INDIANAPOLIS — With Carson Wentz packing for Washington, Colts fans seem on board with Matt Ryan as the team's new quarterback

"I'm a big Matt Ryan fan," said Jacob Hensley of Plainfield. "I always get him in fantasy every year, so I'm happy about it."  

"I think it's definitely an upgrade," Hensley added. "He's definitely a leader, I don't know if Wentz was very much a leader in the locker room. And it's been known that Matt Ryan is a leader on the team and honest to a fault, so he'll take blame if something's his problem, so I think that's good."

"As long as he's better than the last guy," said George Wilson of Indianapolis. "Let's get some passes in, let's get some touchdowns in, you know."

Colts fans are looking for a leader, particularly one who can keep the score on his side.

"I mean, we've gotten tired of losing, so hopefully, he'll do better for the team, you know," Wilson said. 

A 14-year NFL veteran, Ryan was named MVP back in 2016. Coming in for the Colts, his winning ways will be needed. He'll be Indy's fifth quarterback in as many years.

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At 36 years old, fans know Ryan likely won't wear Colts colors long-term, but they're hopeful he can help buy the team time to draft or train the next generation signal caller.

"Since they're probably not able to draft one this year, that'll give them more opportunities in the future to take a closer look and get some perspective then, so good move for now," said Bryan Harbert of Indianapolis.

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With the Colts' last Super Bowl victory now 15 years in the past, fans are hopeful Ryan can be Indy's missing piece, setting the team up for a lot more wins next season.

"We need a win, you know," Wilson said. "We need a win."

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