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Hamilton County girl's youth hockey players featured in national promotional announcement

A promotional announcement that aired during the Beijing Olympics featured local athletes.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — The USA women's hockey team won silver in Beijing last week, inspiring more and more girls to take to the ice, and some young players in Hamilton County just got national attention.

Hockey is a rough and tumble sport. You have to be quick on your skates and ready for anything

The Junior Fuel team, some of the best 14-year-olds in the Midwest, practice at the Arctic Zone in Westfield.

There’s something unique about this team.

“I have been playing since I was little,” said Tori Bluto, an eighth grader from Westfield. “I just love the sport and being on the ice. It’s different, and you don’t see everybody playing hockey all the time. As a girl, it’s kind of unique and it's fun. I just love being on the ice and everybody is really close on this team, so it’s really fun.”

This is an all-girls team playing in a girls league. These eighth graders get quite a reaction from friends.

“Usually they say, 'Oh, that’s pretty cool,' or they will tell me that girls can’t play hockey,” said Bluto.

And they prove them wrong.

“It’s always like, 'Gosh!' They are like really surprised and they think it’s cool,” said Lily Henderson of Westfield.

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The team caught the attention of a local production company and some of these players ended up on a national TV spot.

“So, we had to record lines, so we went up and said all lines and they picked the best ones,” said Henderson.

“Just different looks that we had to make, some more serious and some more fun,” said goalie Charlotte Ewing.

“It was uncomfortable being on camera because, I don’t know, it was weird. They do random stuff with our sticks, play with our hair. It was really awkward but it was fun in the end,” said Bluto.

The promo ran many times during the Olympics and it was all over social media. The girls finally got their due.

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“Everybody was super proud and super supportive. I got a bunch of emails from old friends I hadn’t seen before like, old teachers I had. They showed it at my elementary school that I don’t go to anymore and my neighbor across the street came over and said ‘I saw you on the announcements’ so it was really fun.”

A moment of fame they won’t soon forget.

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