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Twins have eyes set on state title for Fishers

Hailey and Olivia Smith do everything together - including leading the Tigers on the basketball court

FISHERS, Ind. — It might feel like you're seeing double when you watch the Fishers High School girls basketball team. That's because juniors Olivia and Hailey Smith look a lot alike.

The 17-year-old girls are identical twins, although Hailey is quick to let you know she's older by one minute. Not only do they look the same, but they dress the same, too. They show up to school every day wearing matching outfits. 

"So we wake up in the morning. I'm always the first one getting up doing everything and she's still lying in bed," Hailey laughed. "After that, I pick out the outfit and if she doesn't like it and if she doesn't like it we'll change the whole thing. That's how it goes." 

"Pretty much," added Olivia. 

It's been like that since day one, even when they were babies. The sisters are inseparable, always close on the court and never far from each other off it, either. 

Credit: Smith family
Olivia and Hailey Smith have been close ever since they were born.

"We can't really be without each other. If we're without each other it’s for like two to three hours," Olivia said. 

Growing up, Hailey and Olivia always pushed each other when it came to basketball and now, together, they’re helping lead their Fishers squad. The duo leads the team in scoring and rebounding. And they admit the "twin connection" people often refer to is a real thing.

"It's definitely a connection for sure. You'll see some twin-on-twin passes or just us getting excited," said Hailey. "The energy, it gets higher and higher."

"It's definitely good because we both know what we're good at on the court," Olivia said.

Credit: Smith family
Olivia and Hailey Smith

In the future, they want to go to the same college to play basketball. But right now, Fishers is poised to make a run at a state championship. After falling short in regionals in 2020, redemption is on their minds.

"I remember it, for sure," Hailey said. "We all knew it was a morning game, me and Olivia knew morning games weren't our thing and the back doors were crazy that game. But this year, it's comeback time, for sure." 

One thing's for sure, any opponent is going to have to face these twins and a Fishers team on a mission.

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