Sports betting legal at casinos, race tracks across the state

Indiana will allow mobile sports betting. (Shutterstock/cunaplus)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indiana is betting on sports gambling to generate some serious revenue.

The governor just signed a bill making it legal at casinos and race tracks across the state.

Indiana is now the 10th state to legalize online sports betting. That means if you are 21 or older you can sign up by downloading an app on your smartphone that is registered with an Indiana casino.

All this is made possible after the NCAA rescinded its rule of not allowing championship events to be held in states that allowed sports betting.

You can also sign up at all casinos, racetracks and over the track betting parlors, which means it is legal to bet on professional sports, college sports and includes in-game betting, meaning you can place a wager on the sports event while it is going on.

On the flip side, you will not be allowed to bet on esports or any school event involving children 18 years of age or younger.

Now locations like Winning Circle in downtown Indianapolis and Hoosier Park in Anderson are looking for ways to include sports betting on property.

"The addition of sports wagering and the addition of table games really makes our casino properties a complete entertainment complex," Sr. Vice President and General Manager at Hoosier Park, Trent McIntosh, said.

Right now Hoosier Park is exploring where to place its new sports betting wing.

"We have a couple of options. One is putting it in the racing side of our business. We feel that is a good crossover, good mix and a good use of space," McIntosh said.

An addendum to all of this: the Indiana Gaming Commission has the final decision on how in-game betting will take place.

The gaming bill goes into effect July 1, 2019. Sports betting will go into effect Sept. 1 and live table games January 2020.

The state is betting offering a safe alternative from pervasive illegal gambling will make a difference in the bottom line.