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Top 10 benefits of having an HVAC maintenance plan

Find out why homeowners should have an HVAC maintenance plan as a part of their normal home maintenance routine.

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When your HVAC system is working properly, you probably don't even think about it most days. When it malfunctions, however, it's hard to think of anything else.

A normally functioning HVAC system is crucial to maintaining a comfortable home and keeping your family healthy. You can protect your home's system by signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan with a local HVAC service.

Here's what you can expect to get out of your maintenance plan.

1. Fast Service

Your HVAC plan guarantees you a quick response when you most need it. HVAC services like Mister Quik of Indianapolis are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to emergency calls. Homeowners with a maintenance plan get priority service regardless of time of day.

2. Service discounts

Most HVAC maintenance plans offer some sort of discount to its members. At Mister Quik, maintenance customers can expect to receive a 10 percent discount on repair costs and five percent off the cost of installation.

3. Healthier air

When you properly maintain your air conditioner, heater and ventilation, you're making sure your family has clean air to breathe, free from contamination. Common contaminants found in the average home ventilation system include dust, dander, pollen, and mold particles. Frequent filter changes and duct inspections can help remove these irritants from your air.

4. Maintain warranty coverage

Warranties are often only as good as the maintenance you give your equipment. Many manufacturers require HVAC equipment be professionally maintained in order to honor your warranty should a problem or defect arise.

5. Extended part life

Well-maintained machinery is less likely to need repair. Experienced HVAC technicians can spot weaknesses in parts before the parts fail, giving you time to correct the problem before it damages the entire system or turns into a late-night emergency.

6. Greater schedule control

Waiting for a part to fail before acting is really just reacting. You can take true, preemptive action by scheduling your maintenance visits far in advance, working around your work and vacation schedule.

7. Long-term savings

Paying for an HVAC maintenance plan means an upfront cost that saves you dividends in the long run. By staying up on your maintenance you stop major problems before they happen and you avoid having to pay the surcharges emergencies incur when major equipment failures happen on a holiday, at night or on the weekend.

8. Special perks

Members of HVAC maintenance plans often get bonus perks from the HVAC companies they sign up with. For instance, the SHAPE program available through Mr. Quik waives your initial service call fee when you sign up.

9. Low cost

When it comes to subscription fees, think about how much you spend a year on cable packages, video streaming, cloud services or music streaming. The low cost of having an HVAC maintenance plan which you may pay annually or monthly is quite small compared with these other voluntary costs. It may have less entertainment value, but it offers much more intrinsic value.

10. Peace of mind

It's hard to quantify the worth of a good night's sleep and a mind at ease. Having an HVAC maintenance plan is like wearing a seatbelt, paying for insurance or locking your door at night. It's something you do because you just know it's a good idea and will save you money and headache in the long run.

For more information on the benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan or to learn how to sign up, visit or call Mister Quik today.

Katie Nielsen received her bachelor's in English with an emphasis in technical writing from BYU-I where she also served as the editor-in-chief of the Faculty Technology Center. She is a published author and today teaches college English online for BY