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How to make your A/C unit last longer

Air conditioners are a huge investment for your home and comfort. Here are some ways to make sure it keeps your home and wallet cool for the long haul.
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Air conditioning is one of the great marvels of our modern age. Cooling our homes, keeping us protected from and healthy in the heat, air conditioning is one thing we can't live without, making it all the worse when your air conditioner dies. When this happens, it's not only your comfort that will suffer, but your wallet will also.

Here are some tips on how to make your air conditioning unit last longer and keep your wallet and family happy.

Give it some shade

Giving your air conditioning unit some shade is one simple way to give it an extra boost on life. Family Handyman suggests that in giving it some shade it will make the air conditioning unit work less, giving it a longer lasting life span. You'll also want to be sure that there isn’t too much debris or grass covering the unit. Family Handyman makes clear that the unit needs enough space to breathe and keep the air flowing smoothly. If there isn’t a clear pathway to the air, the air conditioning unit will still work twice as hard and thus will shorten the life span of the unit, working counter to your plan of making it last longer.

Get an HVAC maintenance plan

Bringing in the experts is another way to make sure your air conditioning unit lasts as long as it should (and then some). Mister Quik, Indianapolis' top HVAC service company, touts its SHAPE maintenance plan as one of the best ways to ensure your unit is performing at peak efficient performance each year.

This plan will "lengthen the life expectancy of your water heater, furnace, and air conditioner by having routine maintenance completed" and in turn, make a more efficient system, meaning lower utility bills, states Mister Quik. In addition, the SHAPE plan means that the professionals will find minor problems before they turn into major repairs. Air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters have parts that will break down. "If you catch them early enough you can normally make a minor repair to keep the unit running," says Mister Quik.

Clean the unit

Over time, things like grass, branches, weeds and other plants and debris will grow around your unit. Today's Homeowner suggests to keep your unit cleaned regularly to keep it performing properly. You can even spray it down once in a while to keep it clean and free from debris, just be mindful not to use a pressure washer on it. Regularly trimming back bushes and branches will also keep your unit breathing and operating properly.

Replace the air filter

A commonly forgotten but necessary maintenance item for your air conditioning unit is to regularly replace your air filter.

"It should be done every month during high-use seasons (like summer and winter) and once during the fall and spring," states Today's Homeowner. "When the filter becomes full of dust, dirt and allergen particles, the air flow will decrease, making your system work harder than it should have to. The air flowing through your system may also become dirtier, dustier, and prone to triggering allergy and asthma symptoms for those residing in the home."

Set a monthly reminder for this all-important maintenance item. Doing so will save your wallet and save your allergies.

Get a programmable thermostat

Investing in a programmable, or even smart, thermostat is one way to ease the stress placed upon your air conditioning unit, thus making it last longer.

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy suggests that by using a programmable, or smart thermostat, homeowners can offload some of the burden on their unit and save 10 percent or more on their monthly utility costs.

Air conditioning units are huge investments for any family and no one wants to see their's give out after a short few years. Sometimes it's easiest to have the experts keep tabs on it. Reach out to Mister Quik today for a free consultation on its comprehensive SHAPE maintenance plan and how it can save you money and prevent heating and cooling catastrophes in the future.

Jason Bell is a graduate of the University of Utah and works as a full-time high school religious educator. He enjoys automotive consulting, as well as spending time with his wife, family, friends, and DeLorean.