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Transform your space and see what's trending with California Closets in Indiana

Learn how to transform spaces in your home with the latest trends, color schemes, and design ideas from California Closets in Indiana.


California Closets showroom showcases storage solutions for various home areas. Jennifer Scott, Executive Designer at California Closets, shares, "We come to your home for a design consultation. I bring finishes, pictures, all the things. We also have an amazing computer-aided design program that shows your 3D rendering of your project. So it's not a line drawing. We design it right there with you. And then we have our own in-house designers and installers who would then come and install the space."

While California is in their name, their roots are in Indiana. "It's all local here in Indianapolis, manufactured here."

In terms of trends, Scott notes "We are seeing the warmer tones that are coming more popular like the blondes and warmer wood tones. We now have that finish palette to share with our clients."

Scott shares her favorite part of the process: the transformation. "It is so fun... The 3D is great. But seeing it totally done, they didn't even know their space was capable of that transformation. So it's so fun to see how their space can work way better for them."

To learn more, call (317) 406 - 6264 or visit CaliforniaClosets.com.

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