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See how to reduce fat cells and look younger with Emsculpt NEO and EMFACE at Renova Aesthetics

Emsculpt NEO uses radiofrequency and high FEM technology to destroy 30% of the fat cells in the treated area.


Erika Hicks, IV Nurse at Renova Aesthetics, shares details of the Emsculpt NEO  which "use(s) radiofrequency and high FEM technology. So the radiofrequency is going to target the fat in the area. So it's going to destroy 30% of the fat cells in the area that we are treating. The high FEM technology is going to be those intense, super maximal contractions. So it's going to be a deeper contraction than what we are able to do in a normal exercise routine."

Brittany Sacheck, RN & IV Nurse at Renova Aesthetics, explains EMFACE. "You'll have a toned, tightened, and lifted effect... No down time. Needle free. Toxin free. Pain free. You can wear makeup immediately after. You'll look exactly like yourself, just younger and tighter."

On August 9th, Renova Aesthetics is hosting an event to launch EMFACE. Mention WTHR for 15% off a package this month.

To learn more, visit renovaaesthetics.com.

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