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Advancements in testing and treating Hepatitis C at Damien Center's Connect to Cure program in Indiana

See how easy it is to get tested for Hepatitis C, as well as the latest advancements in treatments. Learn about Damien Center's Connect to Cure program in Indiana.


The Connect to Cure program at the Damien Center helps people throughout the state of Indiana find care coordinators, testing, and finding treatment for Hepatitis C.

What is the prevalence of Hepatitis C in the state of Indiana?

The state of Indiana is home to approximately 69,000 individuals who are living with Hepatitis C. Notably, around 40% of these individuals are not aware of their condition, underscoring the vital importance of getting tested.

Who should be getting tested for Hepatitis C?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually recommends that individuals over the age of 18 undergo testing at least once in their lifetime. For those engaging in high-risk activities such as blood-to-blood contact or injection drug use, testing every 90 days is encouraged, starting from the last high-risk behavior. Pregnant individuals should also get tested at least once during their pregnancy. The testing process itself is usually quick, with results available within 20 minutes for certain tests. However, if a lab draw is required, it may take a bit longer as the specimens need to be sent to the lab - but it is a simple test.

If I have Hepatitis C, what are the treatment options?

Treatment options for Hepatitis C have significantly evolved in recent years. Currently, patients may only need to take one pill per day or three pills at once, all within a duration of 8 to 12 weeks. This approach represents a remarkable departure from the past, where treatment resembled chemotherapy and carried substantial side effects. Thanks to advancements, we now experience minimal side effects.

Visit connect2cure.org today to learn more about Hepatitis C, testing procedures, and the wide range of treatment options available.

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