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13INside Track tastes the simple ingredients of Jim’s Amazing Bread

With no chemicals, no preservatives – just six ingredients – Jim’s Amazing Bread is gluten and dairy-free, while still tasting…amazing!


Jim's Amazing Bread, based in Indianapolis, ships bread all over the country. Jim, owner of Jim's Amazing Bread, shares the secret to his bread's success: the ingredients. "There's only six. There's wheat, flax, yeast, salt, honey, and water. No chemicals. No preservatives."

Jim's daughter, Lili, is the inspiration behind the bread. Lili recounts her experience. "Within the first two weeks of kindergarten, I lost all of my hair. And so we went on this long journey of treatments, and diets, and supplements, and all these different things. And the bread that I was having while on a gluten and dairy free diet, it was awful... but then, my dad found this bread."

Making Jim's bread is different from others due to the way the wheat is processed. "We leave in the nutrition and add the shelf life." Jim explains that everyone can eat this bread. "Everyone except celiacs. Celiacs have an allergic reaction to wheat."

To learn more and order bread, visit JimsAmazingBread.com.

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