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13INside Track meets the mold fighters at Sporemasters

Sporemasters offers mold clean-up as well as viral clean-up.


Sporemasters Healthy Indoor Air tests for mold and removes it so you can get back to your normal routine.

In most cases, if mold is visible, there’s likely no need to test. But if you suspect there’s mold because of a damp feeling or a musty smell, then Sporemasters will test the air and surface areas. Should the space test positive for mold, their team will work quickly to find the source.

Thomas Palmer of Sporemasters says there are different options of testing. 

"We have swab testing and air testing. Air testing is where we actually take a sample of the inside environment and compare it to the outside environment," Palmer told 13INside Track. "There are natural mold spores outside and we need to find out if they are higher inside than they are outside. That gives us knowledge that you have an issue inside the home or business."

Finding the source of moisture once it's detected in the home and correct it is the next step says Palmer.

"We start drawing up a game plan to remove the mold from the home safely and get you back to being healthy," he said.

Sporemasters also offers viral clean up during this age of Covid19.

"We have 6 electrostatic units that we use to apply disinfectant to any home or facility," Palmer said. "We can do this at nighttime so we are not disrupting businesses and get your employees back to work in a safe environment the next day."

Visit Sporemasters online at Sporemasters.com or call 317 257-7673.