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13INside Track meets Michael Phelps, the newest addition to the Hankey Law Office

Hankey Law Office wants to be able to be a resource for people. Learn how Hankey Law Office is expanding their resources and practice areas.


Hankey Law Office is excited to add new and experienced members to their team.

Michael Phelps, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation Attorney, is a new addition to the Hankey Law Office. "Any type of injury or wrongful death case, we handle here. So, car accidents, big truck accidents, slip and falls, any type of personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, disability. Basically, if you've been injured in any type of incident, we handle it."

Stacy Crider, Hankey Law partners, shares "We want to be able to be a resource to people. And Mike's been able to add some additional resources and practice areas to our arsenal, if you will."

If you're not sure what to do next, Hankey Law offers free legal consultations to better understand the process.

To learn more, call (317) 634 - 8565 or visit HankeyLawOffice.com.

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