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13INside Track learns about the signs and treatments for seasonal allergies from Family Allergy & Asthma

Learn what the signs and causes are of allergies, and how to treat it, from Family Allergy & Asthma


Dr. Ann Esquivel from Family Allergy & Asthma explains why many viewers suffer from allergies this time of year. "Right now, the primary pollens that are causing issues are tree pollen and grass pollen. And we are right at the end of spring and beginning of summer, and we have both of those in pretty high amounts right now."

The primary signs of allergies are common things that we are all very aware of: sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, postnasal drip, cough, which can be attributed to the postnasal drip, or also a asthma can be associated with allergies. Some patients get kind of wheezing and chest tightness along with their cough as well.

Allergies can happen at any age

For children under the age of one, generally it's going to be perennial allergens. These are things like pet dander and dust mites. As we get older and we're exposed to the seasonal pollens year after year, this really can start as early as age two or two and a half. We start to see seasonal allergies. Dr. Esquivel does have patients that haven't suffered from allergies before that say that they are suffering now, so they can show up later in life.

How Family Allergy and Asthmas can help

It's helpful to come in and get allergy testing and figure out what the triggers for those allergies are. And then there are three main treatment options.

1. Avoidance - Avoiding the things you are allergic to.

2. Medication - Over-the-counter or prescription medications.

3. Allergy Shots - Treat allergies via shots if medication does not alleviate symptoms, or if the patient does not want to take medication long-term.

To learn more, visit FamilyAllergy.com.

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