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13INside Track learns the signs of hearing loss from HearingLife

Learn the signs of hearing loss and the solutions HearingLife is able to provide.


HearingLife provides hearing care services at multiple locations within Indianapolis. Mary Gootee, Hearing Care Provider at HearingLife, comments on the first signs of hearing loss and how this affects individuals and their families. "The frustration that builds within the family unit is one of the biggest ones. You know, people don't want to have to repeat, or they get to the point where they don't even want to participate in the conversation, so they withdraw."

Gootee shares recent advancements made in hearing aids. "Now they are really digitally savvy. We can connect bluetooth, we can change programs, we can listen to programs all day long. We can do whatever we would like almost with our hearing aids, and they are very discreet."

In terms of cost, Gootee explains there are many different models with varying price ranges. Additionally, many insurance providers cover hearing aid costs.

To learn more, visit HearingLife.com or call (317) 595-8736.

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