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13INside Track gets holiday tips from American Senior Communities

Focusing on the right traditions and finding a way to continue them can be very helpful.


Janean Kinzie, ASC's Director of Social Wellness & Life Enrichment, shared tips for celebrating the holidays with loved ones who are living with Dementia.

"Routine is really important for people who are living with dementia," Kinzie said. "It can make them feel safe, secure, confident, about their day. So when we change that, the opposite can happen." 

Kinzie suggested families should consider having holiday meals around the same time that individual typically eats to maintain some aspects of their routine.

In terms of traditions, Kinzie recommends focusing on the traditions that are important to the person, continue those traditions, and be willing to adjust when necessary. 

Kinzie also recommended families be mindful of overstimulation and have a backup plan. 

"One thing that happens in a person who lives with dementia, is they have trouble interpreting a lot of sights and sounds," Kinzie shared. "It can make them feel upset, agitated, even angry. So as you make these plans, think about if things get too busy, too hectic, maybe move that person to a quieter environment."

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