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13INside Track follows Sandy's hair restoration journey through her busy schedule with Transitions Indy

Sandy shares how she found time to go to Transitions Indy amidst her busy work and volunteer schedule.


Sandy Parrott, client of Transitions Indy, recounts her own hair loss experience. "Other people weren't noticing that I was losing hair yet, but I was noticing that my pony tail was much smaller, I was using a lot less shampoo, and I needed help to figure out what my options were to try and combat this issue."

Will Sadler, Director of Transitions Indy, shares 3 different hair treatment options:

  • Laser Hair Therapy - a non-invasive, FDA approved, fast, and easy approach.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - a treatment that takes only 45 min.
  • Exosomes Treatment - offering the latest in biotechnology for quick and lasting results.
  • Hair Transplants

To learn more, visit Transitions Indy online at transitionsindy.com.

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