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13INside Track: First Student is hiring bus drivers, bus monitors

There are on the job training opportunities for new hires including help getting a CDL.


First Student is a transportation company that transports students to and from school safely in Indianapolis. Christy Williams is a Staff Trainer and Bus Driver for First Student in Indianapolis. "Transporting students is the heart of our job."

First Student is hiring bus drivers and bus monitors. "There is no cost. All the training for monitors and bus drivers is all paid for."

Bus driver applicants must have a valid Driver's License. First Student provides on-the-job training for new hires to receive their Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

Bus monitors undergo on-the-job training on "how to secure a wheelchair, how to use a wheelchair lift, how to use a door, and also, there are some children that require safety vests, so they are trained on the safety of children."

To learn more and apply, visit WorkAtFirst.com.

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"We are the largest passenger transportation company in North America with 1,200 locations across the United States and Canada. Operating for over 20 years, we’re extremely proud of where we’ve been and even more proud of where we’re going.

We are 96,000+ employees strong.

Our total revenue? $4.8 Billion.

We operate in 49 states and 11 Canadian provinces.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we provide busing, transportation and maintenance services to municipalities, school districts and the general public in the U.S. and Canada. We currently offer career opportunities in the many divisions.

At First, we’re on board with wherever you are or want to be.

Imagine career, job and promotion opportunities everywhere you look and go, spanning two countries, one continent and thousands of local communities. At First, we employ people from all walks of life – from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico; Montreal to Minnesota; Alaska to Atlanta; and everywhere in between.

Our size, scope and reach are unmatched and so are the opportunities we can offer your life and career. Whether you want to work in your hometown, or want to relocate where your interests and ambitions take you, our 1,200 locations across North America have you covered."

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