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13INside Track discusses products that help with falling with AutoFarm Mobility

AutoFarm Mobility introduces two products that help those with neuromuscular diseases and other mobility issues that tend to fall often.


AutoFarm owner Jim Kissling explains his passion behind AutoFarm Mobility. "I have a neuromuscular disease. So getting around is difficult. I can walk, but I can't walk far. I can do a lot of things, but is that the way that I want to spend my limited resource of ability?"

AutoFarm has new products to aid customers and allow them to enjoy opportunities they might not have considered due to current conditions. AutoFarm has two new products which assist with those who fall often, like Jim. "This is a way for somebody to have their dignity and frankly, their safety and control in their own home,” Kissling explains.

Learn more at AutoFarmMobility.com, call (765) 354-2261, and visit either of their locations in Logansport and Middletown, IN.

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